Visualize your ideas

The SCRIBING VIDEO technique is a unique way to engage audiences offering a creative tool to support ideas and key concepts. Your bright ideas become super powerful when you present them with VIDEAS. It is an effective tool for communication.

VIDEAS is a brief video you may use as a presentation tool for tutorials, classes, training, events, etc. You can share it online and through any mobile device.

VIDEAS and its benefits:

More reasons to produce your VIDEAS:

1. Increase your ROI: VIDEAS simply gets better results and improves the retention rate. Did you know  that a video has 56% more chances to be found online compared with blogs or images?
2. Traction: ComScore released web video consumption results which indicated that 86,5% of people online consumed an average of 11 hours of video a month. That number is continues to grow.
3. Engagement: Video is the best way to drive visitors to your site or office.  Images, podcasts, polls, charts and graphics are nice but nothing engages your audience more than videos.
4. Growth: Un artículo en Advertising Age summarized that the method to generate results is with no doubt the video.
5. SEO (search engine optimization) With the launch of Universal search from Google you will see more and more videos results occupying the first page of google.  Google is prioritizing video in it’s search algorithm.  It is now easier to be found on the world wide web using videos than any other method.

In a few words: you really need your own VIDEAS!

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