This is a Videas!

It is an animated video made with real-time artwork drawn and supported with a speech of your text.

Ideas are something special

We turn them into unique

Videoscribing is your tool

Imagine having a super powerful tool helping you to communicate a lot of information engaging your audience and entertaining them at the same time.

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Super Creative presentations

We capture the information you need to share and transform it into a dynamic 10 minute video, full of visual content and easily comprehensible.

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Super Powers for your ideas

Bring to life your ideas adding a compelling narrative to your message. With VIDEAS your presentation or any information you may share will become attractive and fun!!

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"Creative, quick, effective and very fast in response. Guaranteed peace of mind"

Ignacio Niño

Game TV

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"Work having fun and the end result is outstanding and competitive in price and quality. That's Videas..."

Arturo Perez de Lucia

Director Manager AEDIVE

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