Lastly, after your approval of the storyline, we begin to design the Storymap. Normally, the 3-minute version contains about seven ideograms while the 10-minute version can have as many as fifteen. The STORYMAPS are the illustration designs and text that are going to appear in your VIDEAS. Its structure is similar to a visual map, where you can see various ideograms. The ideograms are the combination of illustration and text that concentrate the whole concept of one paragraph of your text.

Before recording you can oversee the Storymap and make any changes necessary to the design, the drawings, the colours or the text. Having approved the document we move on to the recording and filming. Once we have started this process, any changes you wish to make to the illustrations has an extra cost. The next step in the production process is the choice of LANGUAGE and ACCENT.


The colours you can use up to two or three colours in your VIDEAS. The basic colour, in which we draw all the ideograms, is BLACK. You can choose the colour to highlight ideas, words or concepts, but this is normally RED. Lastly, we use a third colour for background details and to simulate a third dimension, for which we tend to use GREY.


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