Production Process


Production Packages & Lengths

VIDEAS is available in two production packages: 3 and 10 minutes. We only need you to send us your text, no more than 100 words per minute.



If you wish, you can choose different video lengths instead of the two main versions of 3 and 10 minutes. We can produce several versions within your main one. This means you can have 1, 2 or 3 different videos within a 3 minute long production package.  They should not exceed the maximum minutes you purchased (10 or 3 min.).

You can also create a short version, a promotional or viral version and include a longer version for giving more information. Or you can design several very short versions as spots. You choose the best way to convey your message.



Production Process

To make a full VIDEAS into reality we have to go through several stages. We have divided them into 4 fundamental phases: PRE-PRODUCTION, PRODUCTION, POST-PRODUCTION and FINAL DELIVERY. In each and every phase you have the possibility of reviewing our work and asking for changes or modifications. Here we present a simple chart:


PRE-PRODUCTION: We receive your written speech or text (100 words per minute maximum), which we then re-write and create a document called THE STORYLINE. Here we describe in two columns (audio and video) the speech the voice talent will record and the drawing concepts and visual mapping. The script is the heart of your video and is usually the hardest part.  We have professional script writers on hand who are delighted to help.  In this phase you choose the voice (male or female), the language, the look and feel of your VIDEAS, and we stablish deadlines. You can add your logo and slogan. After your STORYLINE approval, VIDEAS will pull in our professional artists to create the art work, layout, and STORYMAP. You will receive a layout showing you exactly how the artwork will look and how it will flow with the script. We do not go into production without your final approval.

PRODUCTION: After both STORYLINE & STORYMAP approval we go to our recording studio where our graphic artists begin their magic.  Many hours are needed just to have one minute of action in your VIDEAS.

POST-PRODUCTION: With the raw material, we can now begin our editing process. We use the TIME LAPSE technique, whereby the frequency at which film frames are captured (the frame rate) is much lower than that used to view the sequence. When played at normal speed, time appears to be moving faster and thus lapsing. We also bring in professional sound design, sound effects, and library music to bring your VIDEAS to life. Every VIDEAS  comes with a professional voice as standard.  When it’s ready, we’ll upload it to our private YouTube channel for your approval.

DELIVERY: We’ll deliver your master video in Full HD 1920 X 1080 in a .mov quicktime H.264 format, a second version in 720 mpg4 and a HiRes graphic with your STORYMAP in TIFF or JPEG. We’ll send you all these documents. We send files via FTP or Dropbox. If you prefer we can send you a DVD or pen drive delivered to your office.